Motel Hell (Photography)

Client  Self Initiated
Type  Architecture Photography
Year  2011

Motel Hell

After driving past this incredibly dilapidated building for months the question wasn’t whether to shoot it but how. Climbing through its wired and torn fences into the very heart of it, I saw what was the remnants of a once thriving Motel and decided then how I wanted it to look.

Perched in an affluent part of inner city Melbourne, it lay rather sheepishly next to its prestigious neighbours surrounding it. To do it justice I wanted to give life back to something that had the life sucked out of it over the years and document the disintegration of this rare and unnerving piece of urban decay.

Armed with strobes, colour gels, flashes and tripods I shot from dusk right in to the night sending in friends to light up rooms and spaces trying to avoid light trails and of course visible people in the process.

In the end we got a post apocalyptic nightmare drenched in a cacophony of colour.